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About Us

The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial Website:

The Website was created to present the 48 years of great racing at the Westbury Oval.

About Jack E. Lee

I Talked To The Voice of Roosevelt Raceway, Jack E. Lee. He is Doing Well And sounds as strong as ever. He would welcome your emails.

Email Jack E. Lee At:

About Memory Lane:

Memory Lane is a 5 Page Tribute Featuring The Excitement, Memories, And Fun Times At Roosevelt Raceway.

Welcome To The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial

Welcome To The Photo Gallery. The Photo Gallery Consists of 15 Pages of Great Horse Pictures, Track Views And Driver Photos. We Will Continue To Update The Photo Gallery When More Photos Become Available To Us. Also, Make sure To Check Out The Finish Line Photo Gallery For More!

If Anyone Has Photos That You Would Like To Add To The Site, Please Send the Photos To:

Thanks For Visiting The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial & Please Sign My Guestbook And Share Your Memories of Roosevelt Raceway

Christopher James
Webmaster & Founder
The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial

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Finish Line Picture Name & Date                                                                       
Doc's Fella At Retirement
View Picture
Doc's Fella
View Picture
Division Street
View Picture
Sir Dalrae
View Picture
Billy Primrose
View Picture
Ben Webster With Horse
View Picture
Chappy on the Front End
View Picture
Roosevelt Raceway Harness Drivers
View Picture
Driver Billy Haughton
View Picture
Driver Billy Hudson
View Picture
Drivers Fontaine And Insko
View Picture
Grandstand & Club House A
View Picture
Grandstand & Club House B
View Picture
Grandstand & Club House C
View Picture
Aerial View of Racetrack
View Picture