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Welcome To The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial

Welcome To The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial Website. A Tribute To 48 Years of Great History, Excitement And Memories. Our Website Features A Photo Gallery, Stakes Photos Archive, Finish Line Photos, Multimedia Files, Audio Clips And So Much More. Plus, Visit Memory Lane And Relive The Memories And Excitement With A Special 5 Page Tribute.

With Over 50 Pages on The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial Website, We Are Proud to Present A Quality Website Which Will be Here For Years To Come!

Feb. 3, 2006 At 10:00pm
We Are Working on A Website Update Which Will Include Some New Pictures. We Should Be Done Soon. Thanks For Your Patience.

If Anyone Has Photos That You Would Like To Add To The Site, Please Send the Photos To:

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Christopher James
Webmaster & Founder
The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial

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Racing Fans,

I Talked To The Voice or Roosevelt Raceway, Jack E. Lee. He is Doing Well And Sounds As Strong As Ever. He Would Welcome Your emails.

email Jack at

Also, Jack Released A DVD Called, "The Golden Voice of Harness Racing, Jack E. Lee, 30 Years of Memories". For More Information or To Get A Copy, email Jack At

Disclaimer: Please Note that The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial Has No Affilations With The DVD. All Transactions Involved Are Between Mr. Lee & The Buyer. Thanks For Your Understanding.