The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial


The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial


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Welcome to The New and Updated Roosevelt Raceway Memorial.  I Hope You Enjoy The New Style.  Its So simple To Maintain And Much More Modern Than the Older One.  Most of The Pages Are Deleated But The New Pages Feature More Information Anyway.  Attendance Has Only Been on the Rise And Thats One of The Reasons why I Renovated this Website.  Although Not Completely Finished, Most of the Links Will Work. I hope you enjoy your Stay.  I Can Use more Photos From roosevelt Raceway And Parr Meadows. If you Have Some Information that you Can Send, I Really Appreicate It.  Thanks For Visiting and Please Sign My Guestbook and View Our New Photo Gallery.

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The New And Available Features of The Roosevelt Raceway Memorial!

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Who is Your Favorite Roosevelt-Yonkers Harness Driver of All time?

Stanley Dancer
Carmine Abbatiello
George Sholty
William Haughton

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